Sophos 3G/4G module (for XGS 116(w)/126(w)/136(w) models only) Americas/EMEA

Sophos 3G/4G module (for XGS 116(w)/126(w)/136(w) models only) Americas/EMEA

Tilgjengelig, ca. 2-10 dagers leveringstid

  • Artikkel-Nr.: XAGZTCH3A
  • Leverandør-Nr.: XAGZTCH3A

Sophos firewalls are purpose-built, high-performance security solutions. They combine Sophos's security applications and a hardened operating system on optimized Intel-compatible server systems that can be adapted to any size of business.

Sophos XGS
The new Sophos XGS appliance combines a multi core CPU with a dedicated Xstream flow processor fpr better hardware acceleration.
A wide range of built-in and additional connectivity options providing the flexibility to adapt to infrastructure changes. 
Intelligent and more efficent traffic handling frees up bandwidth to activate resource-intensive tasks such as TLS inspection

Accessories - Sophos XGS only!


Country of origin: Taiwan, ROC
End user type: Standard
License Band: 1-9999999
License type: Accessories
Product type: Hardware
Unit of measurement: Pieces
Product family: MME
License program: XGS
ECCN: 5A991
Tariff no.: 84733020
UNSPSC: 5054074007873

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