Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services-ADD 26-50 (p/user), Additional, 12M

TrendMicro Damage Cleanup Services

  • Artikkel-Nr.: DC00034754
  • Leverandør-Nr.: DC00034754
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Product type
Unit of measurement
  • During a manual search, a time-controlled search or the function "Search now" the OfficeScan Client first selects the Damage Cleanup Services and then continues with the virus/malware scan. During the virus/malware scan, the client may trigger Damage Cleanup Services again if a Cleanup should be necessary.
  • For the real-time scan, the OfficeScan Client first performs the virus/malware search and then solves the Damage Cleanup Services if cleaning is necessary.
  • You can select the type of cleanup that Damage Cleanup Services performs:

    • standard cleaning: During a standard cleaning process, the OfficeScan the following actions:
      • Terminates processes triggered by Trojans
      • Repairs system files modified by Trojans
      • Deletes files and applications left behind by Trojans
    • Extended cleaning: In addition to the Standard cleanup actions, the OfficeScan Client stops activities that are initiated by malicious security software, also known as FakeAV. The OfficeScan Client also sets rules for the extended cleanup to proactively detect and terminate applications that exhibit fakeAV behavior.
    End user type: STD
    License type: New
    Product type: Software
    Unit of measurement: Licenses
    Product family: DCZZZZE3XLIULA
    License program: Enterprise
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