Trend Micro WorryFree Std-ADD 11-25 (p/device), Additional, 12M

Trend Micro WorryFree Std-ADD

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All-round protection for SMEs. Simple, comprehensive protection for your endpoints and beyond.
Easy to install and use that won't slow you down at work. Simple, intuitive web console for complete visibility and control of your entire organisation. Manage multiple devices using a single agent. Worry Free products in a variety of designs. High-fidelity machine learning combined with other advanced detection techniques for comprehensive protection against ransomware and complex attacks. Mix of advanced threat protection techniques to close security gaps in all user activities, endpoints and letterboxes.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard solution provides fast, effective, and simple protection against viruses, cybercriminals, and data loss, so you can focus on your business, instead of worrying about Internet security. In independent tests, Worry-Free Business Security is rated very high at blocking threats before they reach your computers, file servers, and mail servers.
Businesses with limited IT staff and resources need protection that is designed for them, not for huge corporations nor for individual consumers. That's why Trend Micro offers several easy-to-set-up and use all-in-one solutions to meet the unique needs of these businesses. Worry-Free Business Security solutions provide effective protection with minimal impact on computer performance by leveraging the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network -the same infrastructure that safeguards all the company's customers, from Fortune 500 enterprises to millions of consumers.
Worry-Free Business Security Standard protects Windows PCs and servers from viruses, threats, and dangerous websites. It features security scans that run quickly and quietly in the background and keeps business information private by locking down USB drives and other storage devices.
  • Installation
    From PC to server - Trend Micro's Worry-Free Security Business Standard protects your Windows devices. You install the security software quickly and easily on your computers. No staff with IT skills are required.
  • Protects your business data
    The security software blocks viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and other Internet threats before they cause harm to your business.
  • Global neighborhood watch
    The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network powers the Worry-Free Business Security solutions. Just like a watchful neighbor, it keeps an eye on data entering your company's computers. Every day the global early warning system gathers millions of pieces of threat data, analyzes them and delivers the findings to all of Trend Micro's products. These access the respective information in the cloud, verify current threats and prevent them from accessing your computer.
  • Remove fake AV malware
    The integrated uninstall tool for fake AV malware prevents downloads that are camouflaged as antivirus software.
  • Device control
    Device control is used to monitor access to USB drives and other connected devices. This effectively blocks threats and prevents data loss.
  • URL filtering
    You decide which websites your employees are permitted to access at their workplace. Advanced URL filtering blocks access to inappropriate websites and domains that are infected with malware.
  • Supports Internet protocol IPv6
    The security solution supports Internet protocol IPv6.
  • Reliable computer performance
    The antivirus program runs silently in the background. Your computer's performance is only marginally affected.
End user type: STD
License type: New
Product type: Software
Unit of measurement: Licenses
Product family: CSSBWWM9XLIULA
License program: SB
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